A Whirlwind of a Weekend

After running some errands during the day on Friday, I went to my first Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) game at Hofstra at 7pm. I had to be there early, to meet with the other people from the Long Island Metropolitan Lacrosse Foundation’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee. We would be presenting plaques and checks to the winners of the Scholarships for High School Seniors, at halftime of the game. Our tickets were complimentary, but there was a $20 parking fee, which I found to be outrageous – and I only had $10 in my pocket, so I parked on the street. I am not sure how I feel about this latest version of “Professional Lacrosse”. I love that it is being run by the players (though not entirely, I’m sure), but to me it seems like glorified and glossy, summer “Club Lacrosse”. The players are certainly some of the best in the world, but they don’t practice much together and it is a very quick but mostly, loosely played brand of lacrosse, which I don’t feel approaches the quality you see at the top levels of college lacrosse. It was nice to be part of the scholarship presentation, and to see the pride amongst the winners and their families.

Friday Night Lights, PLL Style.

I got an early start to what promised to be an especially busy Saturday morning. With Diana and Jon here for my cousin Ali’s wedding, the house was teeming with activity. Debi, Elise and Diana all left before 7am to get their hair done at Karma Beauty Studio in Merrick. I left at exactly 8am to pick my parents up in Northport. Everybody made all of the connections and all three cars arrived at the Hotel Indigo in Riverhead with plenty of time to catch the Shuttle Bus to the Vineyard at Aquebogue (about a fifteen minute ride), where the wedding would be.

The Wedding was absolutely terrific, in every way. The Ceremony was touching and beautifully done. The venue itself, is gorgeous, even in the heavy rain that came down during the Cocktail Hour. The food was sumptuous and the drinks delicious. And the band was perfectly matched with a fun loving crowd. The best part of this wonderful day, though was getting to see and spend time with so many people, many of whom, I have not seen in a very long time. There was a feeling of post-pandemic happiness, in the air. Almost as though, collectively, we were all so ready to have a great time. And that we did!

A Good Time Was Had By All!

The party continued at the Hotel Indigo and like all great parties, the hardest part was pulling the plug on it. We were up and out of the hotel by 10am on Sunday and made great time to Northport, to drop my parents off. It was nice to spend some extra time with them and rehash the events of the day before. Debi and I arrived home by 11am which gave us a few hours to rest up, before going to the Vottas’ for their son, Ian’s High School Graduation Party. We have known the Vottas, for nearly fifteen years now, and have become close family friends. Looking around their backyard, I counted ten kids (some are in their mid-twenties now!) that I have had the pleasure of coaching, at some point over the years. It is always great to see them reaching milestones and thriving, on their journey to adulthood. It is also, great to see them continuing the friendships that began when they were youth lacrosse teammates.

Graduation Party on the Fourth of July! I Love These Guys!

I could not stay long enough for Ralph’s Fireworks Extravaganza, as I was running out of gas, and truthfully, am not a big fan of Fireworks, anyway. We capped off the night and our weekend, by sitting poolside into the evening. Before turning in for the night, I reflected on the event filled weekend and had a great feeling of satisfaction and gratitude.

Diana, Jon, Karl and Elise enjoying the latter part of a Great Independence Day, Weekend!

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