“All Gas, No Brakes !”

Last week was unseasonably warm, with temperatures reaching nearly ninety degrees on a couple of days. It is always difficult to get acclimated to such heat, when it first hits you. It was also the second week in a row, where we had a full week in between games, upsetting that “rhythm” of earlier in the season, when we would have a mid-week game and then another on the weekend. In some ways it is nice to have some extra time, to shake off the last game and to prepare for the next one. But, by the end of the week, it feels like we are waiting around for the next contest.

By Friday, we had all watched plenty of film and practiced specifically for our next opponent, the D’Youville Saints, who were riding a seven game winning streak. This team had me concerned. We had seen them on film earlier in the year and they looked much improved, at this point of the season. They are led by three freshmen, who are athletic and skilled. I thought our week of practice was mostly quite sharp, so while I was concerned with the speedy and talented opponent, I was not worried (there is a difference, right?).

Saturday, Senior Day, finally arrived with cooler weather and thankfully, an early start time of 11am. The Senior Day decorations and ceremony, created an exciting but bittersweet atmosphere. A heartfelt celebration of a wonderful group of players, who would be playing their final regular season, home game. I hoped that all of this, would not distract the team from the task at hand.

At last it was game time! After a brief feeling out period, the Lady Lions pounced on the visitors and never looked back! For the full sixty minutes, the home team controlled every facet of the game in dominating fashion. In our most complete game, to date, the Lions came away with a convincing 17 – 6 victory, the best way to celebrate Senior Day! Our Rallying Cry has become “All Gas, No Brakes”. Saturday it was “All Gas, No Brakes” All Day!

I was very proud of our teams’ effort and could not have been more pleased for the Seniors, their families and friends. The post game tailgate party was extra special and joyous, though not without that unspoken tinge of sadness, knowing that it marked the end of something wonderful. Hopefully, we can get a home playoff game (or two!). It would be great for everyone to get a bit more of that “home cookin'”!

Our winning streak is now at 11 games! We have one more HUGE, Conference Game, next Saturday, up in Rochester, against the Roberts Wesleyan Redhawks! GO LIONS!

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